SongtexteBackbone of America

Evan Alexander Moore

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 21. April 2020
#together against coronavirus

I hear broken melodies Echo down the Maternity Ward Where newborn babies are passing notes

Discussing the next world war Well the sergeant came by Your son's died in Iraq Now I know what they were talkin' about They were talkin' about, the Backbone of America Out by the river in Mississippi, Goddam I hear murmurs down the trail Of friends of mine, going deaf or blind To slurs hurled their way He was walkin' with melanin And they shot him in the back Now I know what they're talkin' about They were talkin' about, the Backbone of America Whispers over the dinner table Parents talk workin' class woes With all the crippled bulls and economy The bankers never saw jail bars no Now I'm waist deep in the Hudson Scrounging around Now I know what my parents were talking about They were talkin' about, the Backbone of America I found strife in amphetamine I found amphetamine, in a Texas dive bar But the Land of the Free, she was callin' me Asking for a better way Out on the highway, I saw the sunrise I asked a vagabond, if I could be reborn See they, issued a draft, and raised my taxes Askin' for all I had and more Well the drifter kept going But I didn't give up hope I hadn't found what I was looking for All thanks to, the Backbone of America For every painful knot in our back There's another that pushes us forth For every bone that takes the ones we love There's another that gives us hope Yeah, I hear it in every friend, every philosophy Every singer that's ever inspired me They were singing about, the Backbone of America Put your middle fingers up, to the backbone of Oh who gives a fuck, about the backbone of Well let's raise a glass to the backbone of America

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