SongtexteJust Before It Gets Dark

Emmylou Harris

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From: Taken Music From The Critical [Compilation] [Soundtrack] 2003 Just before it gets dark

When the light still hangs in the sky The day′s not quite gone All its promises still in your eyes Between the time your mother calls And the time you put the ball away There's a lifetime to be lived And a world where every dream is here to stay Just before the night comes And you run back to the safety of your world Just before it gets dark You can believe in every story ever told In those last precious moments There′s a beauty no one wants to give away Well nothing lasts forever But those moments keep forever far away Just before it gets dark Before you grow, before you're too old to pretend Just before it gets dark And you know your dreams will not come back again Hold on Hold on tight And I promise you baby It'll all be alright I promise you baby It′ll all be alright

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