SongtexteThe Lorax

Dr. Seuss

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U don′k know me but my name is Sai I'm just the O′hare delivery guy But ut seems our trees my be worth a try So I say let it grow My name is Dan and my name is Rose Our son Wesley kinda of glows And that's not good so we suppos We should let it grow Let it grow let it grow U can't reap what u don′t saw Plant a seed inside the earth just one way to know it′s worth Let's celebrate the world rebirth We say let it grow My name is Marie and I am tree I would really like to see a tree La la la la la la li I say let it grow I′m granie Norma I'm old and I got grey hair But I remember when trees where every where And no one had to pay for air So I say let it grow Let it grow let it grow Like it did so long ago It′s just one tiny seed But it's all we really need It′s time to change the life we live Time to let it grow My name is O'hare I'm one of u I live here in Thneedville too The things u said just might be truth It could be time to start a new And maybe I change my point of viewww Naaaah I say let it die Let it die let it die let it

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