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Donna Burke

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How many days have passed like this This city, the crowd is fading, moving on I sometimes have wondered where you′ve gone

Story carries on, lonely, lost inside I've had this dream so many times The moments we′ve spent have passed and gone away Could there be an end to this What I am feeling deep inside You know there's no looking back Glassy sky above. As long as I'm alive You will be part of me Glassy sky the cold. The broken pieces of me The mistery of it, I recall Suddenly the truth will change the way we fall I didn′t want to hurt you, hope you know Empty promises, shattered dreams of love Sometimes I′ve wondered what's beyond I tried many times to make it up to you Can somebody tell me what to do? Thought we′re meant to be There's no going back Time has already come Sun is gone and no more shadows Can′t give up I know And this life goes on I'll be strong I′ll be stong 'till I see the end Glassy sky above As long as I survive You will be part of me Glassy sky the cold The broken pieces of me Glassy sky above Covers over me Over me.

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