Songtexte2,000,000 Degree$

Dimi D

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#together against coronavirus

The microphone assassinator Is about to kill it Like it's meant to be

Ain't no other rapper sicker than me Dimi D the West coast G Knocking out these beats Like Muhammad Ali Floating like a butterfly But deadly like a Wu Tang Killer Bee Man my bars be terminating my Opponents just like a killing spree Man this is my year cause I'm the Champion Lighting up my competition like I'm Scorpion Now let me tell you bout my origin Dimi D came out of the streets Where you'll get tested for your Colors I ain't like all of these other rappers Man I been real since a lil kid Even till this very day Blasting all the heat like the rounds From the Ak Boy these verses ain't worthless It's all made from a purpose That's caution like it's hazardous So protect yo neck before you get Checked Boy what you finna expect if you Disrespect And if you owe me boy you better Know that I'm finna go and collect Yea I'm finna go and collect Uh Yuh Okay okay okay One at a time please You over there what did you see I seen a young man dressed in Pro Club and Cortezes You know which way he went He went that way Im back spreading Nothing but heat Through the streets Boy you thought I was dead Well that's highly unlikely I'm back spreading nothing but heat Waves so take caution Me and you boy we ain't got nothing In common you a zombie Yo brain straight rotten I'm the maniac back on the scene Spreading nothing but 2,000,000 Degrees like it's ordinary So you better watch ya mouth When you speak on my name All my goons yea they strapped like The military I stay deadly like I'm snakes venom Sharpshooter that's a lethal weapon And if you don't want no beef Boy you better turn vegan Think you could play with me Then you boutta catch more Than a fade Once I go to you im finna get yo Vocal chord and twist it into 3 Strands like braids Yea Imma kill it like Jason Vorhees Machete gon leave it all bloody Knife strapped up in my hand call me Chucky not Buddi this ain't no Child's Play I slay verses then I blast my Opponent's I'm finna rearrange yo Vocal chord Like I'm switching out The plugs From the HDMI and Components Ports Aye This ain't no chitter chatter I really do mean what I mean to do If you is a threat im finna swing the Baseball bat like imma batter Until I see the splatter finish it up With the maniac laughter I'm the rap Master man Y'all be fake like a pair of actors man Y'all be reading what the industry Makes you say Like a news anchor Aye Better watch out when I'm angered Cause I'll bring the danger this is like A game changer Dimi D finna kill it No doubt you already know what I Am all about First I crack ya skull then I crack ya Bones No need for some stones cause The blade is hella sharp ready to Scrape don't try and run cause there Ain't no escape Aye Once your my target I'm boutta hit a bullseye with the Bullet No need for some aiming The laser never misses a shot When the block is hot When I roll up with the glock So you better hope that you don't get Caught man I'm that beast prowling Round leaving dark bells as my Sound Upper cutting yo head until you hit The ground like a match of Mortal Kombat Then I'll blast you with the bullet like I'm Erin Black like click click boom I'm the realist rapper to ever come Out the womb Test me and I'm finna leave some Holes in yo head like the moon Craters You know why cause I don't Ever like you traitors

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