SongtexteBonsoir et bonne chance


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I push buttons yo I push buttons yo HA HA

I push buttons YO! Free will I think Therefore I am I drink I push buttons I inspire where I can I got heroes like Chris Rock and Chris Farley But "je suis pas sûr que je suis Charlie" I want freedom for and from the press Not sure our speach should be free like some suggest I think some test the water for a darker purpose Let′s talk gods and guns 'till someone gets nervous Itchy trigger finger figure, I′m just a Kidda I got what it takes to pull the trigga Hey how you figure? My friends tell me so! Are they your real friends? Are they your rivals on the low? It's the violence in the news It's the violence in the pews The violins are playing but the silence is the muse Who wants to hear them truths I got some bad bad news You gotta love it or leave it alone You choose... You won′t feel a need no more You won′t feel a need no more You won't feel a thing no more, no more I say, You don′t have to feel no more Don't you get tired of being wired and worried, mired in burdens, You live with the fire but can′t inspire the people Knocking them arrows back, feeling the air barreling back Do you think love is a terrorist act? She said no everything goes Everywhere I go she said everybody knows This is the only way they do it for the shows Still so fucking dope you know Ladies Let's get some music going Fellas Let′s get the fights started What do I do? Demanding more of myself, I do the chichis for smiles I run the label for the props, I get 'em playing with the wild PA-PA-POW how you like me now? Been around so long they say I got my own style Meanwhile back a the ranch suckers dance Do the standard candidate pandering but no inspiration Such a wily patient is imagination It ain't dead yet but is close to annihilation. You see the pupil dilation You can see the student getting used to isolation You can see the news is getting used to obfuscation And you can see it too if you use some observation They say you need to choose with no hesitation I guess I need a vacation. You won′t feel a need no more You won′t feel a need no more You won't ever feel no more, no more I say, You don′t have to feel no more "Rien ne pourra plus m'éloigner de toi La route qui s′ouvre, s'ouvre devant moi Rien ne pourra plus m′éloigner de toi La route qui s'ouvre, s'ouvre devant moi"

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