SongtexteI'll Stay True

Day of the Sword

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I remember the day when we held hands and made that vow! Until death do us part-It was a time to be proud! But you wouldn t stay the test of faith and face the trouble that we face! To stay with a man who would make a stand for his country and his race! Now we each must make a choice and bear the burden of the consequence! But if you choose and you make a turn you can bet we ll meet again across that fence! I ll stay true, how about you? Until Victory! To all those in a jail, those persecuted for the cause-Your actions were not in vain, soon the light of freedom will shine again! And if you ve lost your home, your job or someone that you love-Stand your ground there s a place for you in the Kingdom that s to come! I ll stay true, how about you? Until Victory! Now if you ve heard the call don t be afraid we can never fall! That s a promise from above- Till His will let it be done and we can see this through if we remain true! I ll stay true, how about you? Until Victory!

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