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David Bowie

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Wow, this ain′t the right thing to do So, so let, so let's go Young girls they know what they′re after

Young girls don't kiss me goodbye Rockets shooting up into space Buildings they rise to the skies Bang Bang I got mine Bang Bang reach for the sky I keep a good friend on videotape He'll drive his sports car until it′s too late But we′ll have a hot time on the town tonight Cause love is my bet and it's the best yet Bang Bang I got mine Bang Bang sun don′t shine Bang Bang you all angels Bang Bang now you all ought to be in pictures Oh girl Oh girl my problems can't follow me Phone calls I take my machine I wander lonely to the sea Lonely-Ha Ha Ha-what does it mean Bang Bang I got mine Bang Bang and you are next in line Bang Bang reach for the sky Bang Bang sun don′t shine Rise buildings Rise to the sky Well young girls they know what they're after I said, young girls don′t kiss me goodbye Bang bang Then you close, then you should close, then you close down You big man Bang Bang Spot the brack Just come in first Bang Bang If praise had wings Bang Bang And you next in line

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