SongtexteCome to Pass

Captive Cooks

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#together against coronavirus

She hangs up the phone and prepares to spend the night Another blow another show, but she's still alive Cut another line, gain the confidence to fly

You can't deny that your living lies when you, when you always cry (She never died) Countless bruises, scars under a film of dirt Helpless and ignorant to the pain she caused and the one's she hurt She wakes up hungry every day without a home Fake moans and angry tones can't stop her from being alone (No she's not at home) It seems like I've forgotten the meaning of my song When all I ever needed was some help to right my wrongs But now you're always here trying to hold me tight And I discovered that all I needed was somebody to help me sleep at night I changed my mindset from a dog who chases bones Quit some bad addictions and get rid of the sins I owe Well I know I'm bound to slip up somewhere down this road But when that day comes I hope you won't let me be alone Oh will I find my way Oh it's bound to start today Oh I'll forget about my past Oh I hope that this will last And this won't come to pass my love Because I know I'm, I know I'm going back To the place where I saw her face (She never died) But she'll always cry

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