SongtexteThe Boy From the Woods

Bruce Guthro

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As I was walking through the woods to find a Christmas tree, I came upon a small young boy & says he to me, I know where all the best ones are for a reasonable fee,

I will take you there I smiled and thought, Now what an offer, how can I refuse, And for such a noble deed, my boy, how much are you due? He said Now sir, I think that I will leave that up to you, What ever you think is fair Some faith, hope & love (Faith & hope & a smile) A smile & maybe even a little hug (Makes it all worthwhile) A deed that only you and God recall (Big or small) Christmas brings it out in us all He took me to the finest tree I′m sure in all the land He said "you'll have to cut it down, I′m much too small a man", And as I did, I watched him planting two more in the ground, Someone has to help to make this big old world go round. I reached down in my wallet for to pay his fee, He said " I think I know someone who needs that more than me, You will find an orphanage just two miles down the road, Christmas is a coming, and the pot is getting low." I walked into the orphanage to do all that I could. She said "I think I know who sent you here... the Boy from the woods. Now and then someone like you comes walking through my door, The funny thing is, no one round here say the child before." But he brings... Faith and hope and love A smile & maybe even another hug From the heart of a child out in the cold The true meaning of Christmas unfolds, And without the deeds that only you and God recall, This big old world just wouldn't turn at all.

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