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Can′t say i don't love her Still i can′t pretend That my heart is torn just knowing that i'm losing my bestfriend If it's easier said than done Then someone tell me why Though i try, I can′t find the words to say goodbye I could tell her that I′m sorry And hope she'll understand She will have to do with someone else All that we have planned I′d rather her hear the truth than hurt her with a lie So I tried, but I can't find the words to say goodbye Now I know I have to go There′s no other way But goodbye is not what I can bring myself to say If I told her "see you later" Then I might be wrong 'Cause this voice inside is driving me to find where I belong I know I must leave her now, but every time I try Don′t know why I can't find the words to say goodbye Don't know why I can′t find the words to say goodbye...

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