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#together against coronavirus

I've been dreamin' of the moment I've been waitin' for so long Just to feel my arms around you

Have you here alone Wanna turn you on and make you lose control You already know what I'm thinkin' Baby, lemme know what you're drinkin' I gotcha, love I can feel my heart beat faster When you say my name If it's my heart you're after Say you feel the same If I give you one night to try my love (Gimme just one night) Will you still be all mine when the morning comes (It'll be alright) If I give in one time and call your bluff (Gimme just one night) I don't know if one night will be enough (Gimme just one night) One night of your love One night of my love I've been watchin' from a distance Now I wanna let you know Tryin' to find the way to show you Here's where you belong Will you turn me on and make me lose control Can I be the one that you run to Share my dream of love, make it come true This could be us

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