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Bad Company

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I live my life the way that I choose I'm satisfied nothing to lose

I don't ask no favor I don't know the reason why If I don't ask no questions I, I don't get no lies, I don't get no lies Now you give your love tenderly Every way that you move is closer to me I don't need nobody To tell me the reason why If I love only you, baby, oh no I'll be satisfied Baby, answer my questions If you won't say hello Oh, baby, don't say goodbye Ohh, yeah, I don't need nobody, yeah To tell me the reason why If I love only you, baby, I love I'll be satisfied, oh, yeah You know I'll be satisfied, baby Because, because you satisfy my love You satisfy my love Yeah, now don't say goodbye Oh, you'll leave me to cry Yeah, now don't you say goodbye Girl you're walkin' away Oh, you walkin' away Yeah, don't say goodbye

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