SongtexteBad Company - 2015 Remaster

Bad Company

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Ummmmmm Company always on the run Destiny is a rising sun

Oh I was born six gun in my hand Behind a gun I'll make my final stand, hey That's why they call me Bad company And I can't deny Bad company 'Till the day I die, oh 'Till the day I die 'Till the day I die Rebel souls Deserters we are called Chose a gun And threw away the sword Now these towns They all know our name Six gun sound is our claim to fame I can hear them say Bad company And I won't deny Bad, bad company 'Till the day I die Oh, yeah 'Till the day I die Ooh, ooh, ooh Hey, hey, hey Bad company I can't deny Bad company 'Till the day I die And I say it's Bad company Oh yeah, yeah, yeah Bad company 'Till the day I die Oh, yeah Tell me that you are not a thief Oh, but I am Bad company It's the way I play Dirty for dirty Oh Somebody double crossed me Double cross double cross Yeah we're bad company Killed in cold blood

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