SongtexteTopBoyy (feat. Eyezac)

[B]lack Adam

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#together against coronavirus

Radio interlude by Adam (Joh)

I'm HOTBOYY TOPBOYY It's chilly out baby stay Your fuck nigga still in my way I'm looking to paving my ways But the diamonds done led up a lake (Hot) Hot press and delay (Hot) French toast when I sway Wayne manor Is the place They'll open up at the gate 2 Car Big face Two house Same place Back to back Brick face Big pool Swim babe Call friends Can stay Lonehill.playboi So much estate Fam eat full plates Women feel ways One playboi so many Jawns in one place My attention Ain't yin and yang Split focus on a brief day (Yuh, yuh) Cause tunnel vision in a brief case Flip stock Sell a 3 face And then get back to em each day I promise em marriage but who stay Besides All they know is a week stay In that week I'm probably gone 5 days Different woman in that 5 days Different bags That I still chase I'm a living legend If I do say Your mom love me if I do say I love her too if I do say (Yeah I mean it I ain't faded bro) I'm 10 in But I'm still straight Your pops need to get out the way (The waay) You know your moms Need it all day I pop one fore we hit lunch By nightfall Nigga still ate I eat the daughter after 2 days (Please do not make me go reckless) Watch me pop off your new thing This broad tumi Had the whole thing Her Figure Made me wanna cop ring Her eyes pretty plush Suck my soul out Every time had a nose bleed Mind fucking Till we got to touching Then I promised her the whole thing Account details Card pins And the keys to body like Sophie's I am a topboyy I am a topboyy Please do not compare to these other boys If I'm going down the squad is gon' deploy Pull up with the pistol whip you to the floor If I'm not the... (Boy) Then I am the (Boy) Nigga I'm the (Boy) Nigga I'm the (Boy) Toppin' it fasho Going on the road Pulling out the sticks then we hit the boy (Geez!) Uh I'm hotboyy topboyy I'm JB BlockBoy Rock Air Force fuck 5-0, so I always watch what I cop boy It's been a minute since I dropped boy, still got hella bars like I'm locked boy Still the flyest nigga in this bitch, I'm with a whole different flock boy When I drop ima make news I'm doing shit you can't do Im in a mode, can't lose They put me on, I came through The first take, no take twos Either win or win I can't choose If I wasn't me I'd hate too (Ooh) If I wasn't me I'd hate too It's my turn make room I'm Topboyy not top two Can't lose, can't lose 98'

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