SongtextePeace and harmony

Aziz Harun

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 21. Juli 2017
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are you going to lie to the world again? Saying the war has just end? Behind those doors and those people

You say to me. To end this war We just need PEACE ANd Harmony We can save lives times a million What We're Doing kills a billion Create a new Civil-Eyes-ation With this Action you shall Sing out all the melodies hummm the harmonies Every body can do this its Easy To change the world. All we need is peace and Harmony The New Generation takes Society One by one Unecessairly. All the ethnic Groups are erased But i ... I sitll stand here in my place You never know Never know What We'll happen Will they stop Loving Send this message to everyone In need All we need is PEACE AND HARMONY

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