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Aydin Matanane

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Human sacrifice, you can′t look at greatness The beast has awakened, I know god watch over me under these lights Noches de frio, too many cold nights

Act polite, keep shii sweet like Suge Knight And I get destructive at night because of you So I construct raps to keep myself together Like I said, we don't want backstabs, we want raps Watch that money collapse Then relapse into another lap of one hundreds I know a thing or two about these racks, I keep track Upon my fist it′s black, too much Fwubing sunlight I had enough of that, Black crab And I admit, attention is what I lack, but you don't listen So what's the point of communication when you don′t communicate You just fornicate with the idea of Fanta Asia′ As I create the land of Fantasia Out the palm of my hand, gods plan Lays in the palm of my hand, boom her sooner Napalm, turn the town red, red, red

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