SongtexteTake Me As I Am

Anthony Warlow

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 19. Oktober 2018
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#together against coronavirus

Sometimes I see Past the horizon Sure of my way

Where I am going But where's the prize I have my eyes on? Where? There is just no knowing! And when despair Tears me in two Who can I turn to but you? You know who I am Take me as I am Look in my eyes Who do you see there? Someone you know Or just a stranger? If you are wise You will see me there Love is the only danger Love meaning me Love meaning you We'll make our one dream come true You know who I am Take me as I am Though fate won't always do What we desire Still we can set The world on fire! Give me your hand Give me your heart Swear to me we'll never part You know who I am You know who I am This is who I am This is who I am Take me as I am

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