Almost Always

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 19. April 2020
#together against coronavirus

If I were half as good at anything As I am at forgetting Maybe I wouldn't wander so far off

Or could make it more than half-way home But I'm not half as good at anything As sleeping off all my worries Running like hell into the morning Where your tomb is just a fading dream I worried you wouldn't be waking And the world started graying To the pallor of your body, though Grave linens wouldn't let me see that or Any rise and fall of breathing In the return of your beauty And resurrection of a peace I'd left in The pockets of your clothing Only seeing gray, white and red I was in well over my head Repeating back to myself "You must know this" The echo of my own voice A dull and colorless noise Wondering were I in your place Would I hear me? But you know there's something even Just to the asking How when it's all been spent We're still making noise

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