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Mighty is our God Mighty is our King Mighty is our Lord (He's the) Ruler of ev'rything (Sing glory) Glory to our God (Glory to our King) Glory to our King (Glory to our Lord) Glory to our Lord (For He's the) Ruler of ev'rything Chorus: His name is higher Higher than any other name His pow'r is greater For He has created everything (oh everything) Mighty is our God (oh mighty) Mighty is our King (Mighty is our Lord) Mighty is our Lord (For He's the) Ruler of ev'rything Repeat Verse 2 Repeat Chorus Repeat Verse 3 (He's the) Ruler of ev'rything (For He's the) Ruler of ev'rything Scriptural Reference: "God is mighty, but does not despise men; he is mighty, and firm in his purpose." Job 36: 5

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