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I don't know why Oh, I

Such a little boy Such an innocent soul Fights to hold on to life no, No way to take control Why did he suffer? Tell me what did he do? I have no answers Lord But I know that You do I don't know why I don't know why I don't know why I know I don't know why I dont know why I dont know why I dont kow why I know i dont know why Such a short life Full of pain and agony No matter how we feel The question will always be Why did he suffer? It's not for us to know Only to trust in You dear Lord And know You're in control Background rpt verse 2× And i dnt know why No nooooo I dont know why Nooo I dont know why No i dnot Know why No, no, nooo, no no nooo Repeat (with stepouts) (Tell me why) I don't know why Things happen the way that they do (happen the way that they do) It seems that so many lives Been taken from me and you (taken) But there was one life Who suffered like no other man For us to have another chance It was all part of His plan (part of the blessed plan) Repeat (with stepouts) Noooo i dont know why No no no dont know why I dont know why No i dont No i dont knowwww No i dont know whyyyyyyyy I dont know why Nooooooo Tell me whyyyyy (I don't know why) (I don't know why) (I don't know why)

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